For Girls Abroad

Cultural taboos in many regions of the world prohibit discussion of reproductive health and menstrual cycles. When extreme poverty limits access to hygienic products and sanitary, safe restroom facilities, infection and violence are real and life-threatening possibilities.

Girls facing these challenges often miss school during their periods, fall behind in their studies, and drop out. Without an education, they are destined for early marriage and childbirth, leading to continued poverty. 

Sylvia’s Sisters is helping to break this cycle by originally donating our kits with washable/reusable pads and underwear. We have since moved to providing funds for communities in Uganda to purchase AFRIpads - a 95% women-employed local Ugandan company.

Water Tank Project

What if your only water to drink, cook, wash and bathe came from the nearest pond?


Sylvia's Sisters has recently addressed this issue in 2017 for Ugandan schools. These schools had no facilities for providing clean accessible water.  We have since provided four Kirinda, Ugandan schools with rain water catchment tanks.

Our thanks go out to all who contributed in bringing fresh water to these students!